Welcome home, Schorsch!

I am proud to present these first pictures of my own reprap-like-FDM-3d-Printer 🙂

Since somehow i just cant buy a printer-Kit or use data from thingyverse to reproduce a well designed Printer like a Prusa, Ultimaker, Rostock and so on, i had to think of my own printer. Shure, there are many good Printers on the open-source-market, but i how can i be happy with the work of someone else when i can make one myself! Here comes Schorsch, 24cm x 29cm x ??? @ 2Extruders. you can ask me if you want rhino-files.schorsch0

This first build of Schorsch was designed for a single T2.5 Timing-Belt, around 2.25 meters.

Since i had no belt that long and no Pulleys either –  i had a few dozend meters of  a kevlar-fishing-line for several years.

I’m shure that it’s possible to get rid of the Timing-Belts AND get a fast, strong, accurate machine. Let’s see how much progress there will be in a few weeks. I’m also shure that many guys out there had had the same idea and made there way through it and NOONE can find any notes of it. Imagine theres a solution BUT You have to find it on YOUR own… so far with that, heres the good part:

Lately i’ve seen a Blog (not this one, but it’s interesting too) about the Rostock-Printer that showed their efford on a belt-free design. The next picture might be seen as a tribute to the guys behind that.




All pulleys are printed, bad idea. And: there is actually no tray mounted jet – to be honest – at this time i dont know how it shoud look like… tricky as usual..

I testet it yesterday and it was able to move quiet promising fast and accurate.

Unfortunatly i killed the fishing-line today while moving without endstops. The interesting part here is that the String broke at the point were both ends are fixed together – the motor-winch-pulley-thing (have to find names for the parts..) was not screwed onto the motor but it could cut your finger already…

I think i have to take a stronger string so the motor wil loose steps in stead of killing the String all the time.

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