Accidental Design

I just noticed that my theme and Schorsch both prefer black & red.

Thank you for noticing… (i know there is at least one generator for artist-statements. i just checked, you can find one by googling artist statement generator.)

but in fact, the phenomenon leading us to this great monument of human culture is called: accidental design. i do not check google about it, ever.


1. Schorsch:

Red is the color of the best material i can print right now. it’s 3mm ABS from not that stiff but strong, i think. Black paint covers that Birchwood-Multiplex i found in the trash. it was a board with a hole nearly exactly of what i needed. And now it is red and black.

2. Theme:

There were no pictures at the frontpage on the old theme. I dont know why so i decided to take one of the three themes announced to me at the ‘apperance’ settings. And it seems to be black and red.


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