there we are…

As it turns out, schorschxy IS capable of movements with acc=3000, xyjerk@30, s max 200mm/s! I just put on a ‘real’ PSU and look what it made at incredible speeds. Shure, theres no load – but 3000mm/s²!!! It looked like it would tear itself apart.

schorschxy11btw, i chose another file to ‘print’. It almost made 2 layers here.

i don’t get it…

where are the missing steps? or do i win steps here?

You can see here that the official ‘outlines’ (the straight ones forming a kind of square) are partly inside of the geometry.

i got down to ‘500’ for acceleration in Marlin. still missing steps or whatever. Pictures like last post but looking @45° (so: funny)

Late now, going to bed now. Tomorrow, i’ll try a real powersupply, for now its a 3A/15V Notebook-Charger. I hope it’s crap, otherwise…


printing light, for now.

To check if there is any problem with accuracy i mounted one of the endstops on top of the tray and took photos (60s@F22, ISO100). schorschxy04

Unfortunately, there seems to be a larger problem with fillings:


The only thing that looks quite good is a simple cylinder, 10cm wide. the Led circled for about 30 times:

schorschxy06scaled down to make the layer in a minute:schorschxy07

Warping will tear us apart

schorschxy02The left one is printed @20mm/s, right one @50mm/s + a loose bearing on the x- axis. Even if the ‘fast’ one has holes on its surface it is not that warped as the slow one… in a few houres we will see if the black fabber-parts ABS will tear itself appart like the grey ABS (also fabber-Parts).

If so, i will have to print it a fourth time with GRRF-ABS…. seesh…