last week…

I played and thought about the arrangement of the strings since i was not very pleased by the movements. Small movements on the motors weren’t represented by likely movements of the tray. As it turned out the hole H-Belt thing is not working (for itself) and i think this might be the reason why there’s not much to find on the internet…

I proudly present the short analysis of the failed first test:


For this sequence i removed the linear bearings and moved just one side of the axis. Both motors still, never turned a single step.

The hole axis moves around a virtual centerpoint defined by the string and its tension.


While oscilating, the actual tray is moving along its axis.

So that’s it with H-Belt for me. Shure, i could take HUGE linear bearings and so forth, but… nope, i wont.

Let”s all go to core-xy. I now know why it looks so complicate…

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