Texturing scans to make’em look more creepy!

If you type ‘kinect’ into Thingiverse you get that there must be a lot of projects around the world combining a kinect with a more decent camera. Unfortunatly i hadn’t took a color picture while scanning so i had no texture. Here’s what i did on my notebook, so UVmapping isnt that perfect.:



If you think this is too creepy you might be interested in this phenomenon.

When you are texturing a face you can take a picture afterwards. Just make a good portait, the face should be the same like while scanning.

You can take the photo right out of the cam but i chose to remove a few shadows around the nose and the eyes that would disturb the rendering with its own shadows. And since it still looked too creepy to me i put in more contrast and removed the saturation to get a more cartoon-like style.

If you have your picture you can use it as simple texture. In blender, i just placed the camera the same way my camera was when shooting the actual picture (distance, perspective) and projeced my UVmapping ‘from view’.

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