3DPrinting is easier with Print3D in Blender

This is a good day in the history of Blender AND 3DPrinting.

If you were envious of the guys that use special software to check models before printing you can relax. There is something on the way.


Blender is now able to check your file and solve a few problems or at least shows you where problems may occur.

I think this feature should be extended to generate code too. Using Cura or skeinforge or Slic3r or even yomama. Furthermore i want it to get a tab right beside the rendertab! Yes, ’cause there are people who do not want to rener an object but print it. Make an object, print an object. Shure, it is fun to look at pictures of what it ‘could’ look like. But as like rendering a decade ago was a pain in the ass for most people. It has now become indispensable and so will 3D-Printing.

For now you can export the final mesh to the folder of your choice. So it is ok as long as you do not own a printer. If so you would like to open it in the gcode-generator of your choice with just one click.


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