MK7 sneaks in


E3D v4

GRRF modular

MK7  (ON 20 VOLTS!) only got 190°C here… (data send by a friend)

description (older post)

each square = 10° x 10s

Starting @ 20°C

Stopped @ 240°C

E3D v4: 120sek

GRRF modular: 350sek

shure it doesn’t say anything about printing-quality, but when i look at that GRRF-curve i doubt that it makes 270°C in a non-ridiculous amount of time… and i think they might have made it for PLA-only or 24V.

For this test i just startet my RAMPS1.4 with Marlin rc3 and standard PID. I don’t know how to adjust my PID so you can see it on the Table near 240°C.

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