The Problem of almost all coreXY-users: the ‘shift’ caused by missed steps due to poor implementation of coreXY in Marlin so far. A friend had some similar problems last week but i didn’t thought about it till yesterday.

It seems like ‘normal’ Marlin firmware says it can compute CoreXY driven maschines like H-Bots or SchorschXY BUT causes larger problems with skewing….

left: Marlin V1 (30.04. 2013)

right: Marlin for coreXY (iquizzles thread)

It seems to me that Kamermaker also had that problem. Never thought about their system but maybe a huge H-Belt? I don’t have time for that now…


…to print…


I do not get git-hub jet, but i think it is a little complicate. I had to reopen a tab by accident to find a link to the files i need. I also don’t know how they call that over there – git? fork? branch? … or diff? I think it is a diff. or a div?

AND: It is not over. There seems to be a problem with the Ymin-endstop. it only checks the X and tries to get out of the Ymin, resulting in retracting (the distance) in Y+ direction. I, for now place the head at Ymin and enjoy the rest of the homing and, of course, zero-skew.

ANDAND: there is a problem with monitoring the bed-temp with Cura 13.03… not tested anything else jet.

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