circumventing playbooks build-in charging circuit


another useful thing about 3D-Printing is the fact that you can make own parts to add total new features to existing products. Or just keeping them alive. The shown red part was constructed in Rhino using a photo of the Batterie-connector. It took about 40min to do everything.

In this case my playbook had not seen its original charger for one single week. Since i did not know it won’t charge on any of my others i kept it in use. Sadly it went down to 0% after hanging it onto a charger for a few hours. Now even the original charger charges the battery only up to 1V (yes, 1, one, uno). As it turns out the playbook then boots up but stops charging. I can only think of this as beeing f***ed by the developers. F*** you, Blackberry! Your phones work well so why this peace of crap???

Nevertheless, now the tiny charger of the hubsan x4 does the job quite well. 500mA coming out of the USB should charge one of the two batteries in about 6 hrs. I will let you know if it works.

going back NO-coreXY for a while…


that cute little face is made out of two simple geometries. Both are printed with the same Firmware BUT the left one with CoreXY enabled and the other one with X/Y resolution * sqrt(2) to fix the scaling.

Although the infill seems problematic on the right one it is the left one that makes problems. It is not round!!!

Here’s another picture, this times right one is coreXY enabled:


You can see a flat part right from the top of the right part while the other part doesn’t show any bigger problems. To be exact you can see the inset, that’s it. That’s the biggest issue with coreXY in Marlin for me, exept homing y wich is just a little ugly.

I will use normal tweaked firmware until it is fixed.

Too light to fly

hubsan x4_7

(pictures without 240mAh battery)

First impression flying this: ‘…silence…’

Second impression (immediatly): ‘Stop it! It’s going up!’

Third: ‘Motors off & catch it!’

Yeah. Seems like a kind of dissapointment that the Hubsan-controller can’t handle the motors at lower levels. Or the firmware quits. To loose hight you have to set the power to almost zero. If you got zero your copter will fall and only level if you turn the motors back on. But then it gains hight again and it repeats. This thing is almost uncontrollable. Haven’t changed motors (around 90min old, one new) or propellers jet.

hubsan x4_6

The frame was made with SchorschXY, scliced by Cura and meshed/modeled in Rhino4. Cura says 2.93 gram (incl. 1 skirt or ~0.03g)

now for some humming

hubsan x4_3

hubsan x4_2

hubsan x4_4

If you haven’t seen a quadrocopter like the Hubsan-X4 (or whatever name it got from a reseller) you might not know that the sound they make during flying is like a swarm of hornets. It makes it awkward to fly near people who just want to relax…

I fixed that a little by building a frame that’s significantly lighter weighting only 3.8g vs. the original @8.2g. I will try another one that is 40% lighter. This one is stiffer than the original. You see it lacks a lot of features the original one offers like housing, feet and a slot for the battery.

On the other Hand the loss weight makes it really quiet. Sometimes there that hissing sound once in a while but that only seems to appear when flying sideways…(?)

hubsan x4_5

Ortlieb-cyclingbag retrofit

Maybe you already got to know that these nice snap-on-ortlieb-bags won’t snap to anything bigger than maybe 12mm. But what to do with those oldschool-bicycle-racks? Mine is 16mm in diameter so the last years i fixed a wooden adapter with 8mm-steelrods onto my rack. Time brought a lot of “patina” to the wood causing it to grow dark spots… so i redesigned the adapter today and just printed’em on 35mm/s (on SchorschXY). The result looks like that:

schorschxy48 schorschxy47

The four links are snap-on with eight black zipties to fix it. It worked well today. I don’t see any upcoming problems with that.

what’s with that print?


My first tought was ‘WTF?!’ but Joris just made a Cura-script that changes layerthickness in ‘waves’ or skews them over X.

It doesn’t seem to enlarge layerthickness to get the waves but reduces them so that your result won’t be larger.

But be aware of several surprises – after printing my cura-job SchorschXY got Z down to 89.?? mm with a 20mm thing…

actually recycled Filament from the perpetual plastic project


this is what they got out of junk. The perpetual plastic project build an extruder to melt it into filament after washing and shredding.

Normaly you can find that guys on festivals but they belong to a fair for 3D-Printing like the garbagemen to a City.

Unfortunatly my cam autofocused their metalframe so that there is only this blurry picture of, what they called the 3rd incarnation of their handcranked junk-extruder:


what ‘the others’ do…

Today i visited Fabcon Erfurt and talked to some guys there making their own printers or materials and even firmware-developers. There were quite a lot news for me:

0. (forgotten earlier) the Ultimakercrew was very helpful with all imaginable problems and delegated every question to the right people to answer. THX again Ultimaker.

1. ‘joris outer edge’ in Cura is named after Joris van Tubergen from Kamermaker (!)

he made a script for shifting layerthickness during printing. Amazing.

2. Kamermaker is using marlin but with different issues. They do not home and have larger problems with circles.

3. The Rostock-/Deltabotguys (Hafi, this is for you) are having problems with marlin and think of switching to repetier.

4. The printquality of the shown Replicator 2 was not as good as what the other (open source) printers had to offer. (damn! – no picture)

5. The guys from Kuehling are nice to talk to and wanna sell their nameless printer for around 4000€ excl.Tax – Ok for a setup with that many parts but i don’t think one needs so many… and it is sloow… (but accurate)

Now for some Prints:


This actually is the kuehling-printer BUT they said the wobble you see is due to diameter-change at the end of their filament…. They had nicer prints but nothing to compare… i think they heve better pics on their site.

The next two pics are made at the Suisse-Deltabot-booth. I don’t know if the first picture shows their print but the second was printing when i took the picture. What you can see there are tiny little teeth at the corners of their vase. This should be a problem of Marlin, they told me.

fabcon_swiss_deltabot2 fabcon_swiss_deltabot

The next pictures are made at grrf with their x400. The size of the City-model was about 20x20cm.