[First post – never published] I want a RepRap! …or @ least an extruder…

This is my first post i just found in the drafts:

weired construction

Since there is no lathe for me i drilled a hole into the head of  the 8mm-screw so i can fix it to my spindle.

Lower there are two ballbearings fixed to the bench. It took about one hour to make 5 mm out of 8 and it is not that exact… but i want it!


The first screw got lost just a few houres after taking that picture. Thank goes out to cameraphones!


Unfortunately I almost lost anything of my tools and even material over the last few years so that you can see the foot of an old GDR-closed I just found. Just drilled a hole for the bearing and made it fit with the flange.

It took about 5 minutes to make the teeth.

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