now for some humming

hubsan x4_3

hubsan x4_2

hubsan x4_4

If you haven’t seen a quadrocopter like the Hubsan-X4 (or whatever name it got from a reseller) you might not know that the sound they make during flying is like a swarm of hornets. It makes it awkward to fly near people who just want to relax…

I fixed that a little by building a frame that’s significantly lighter weighting only 3.8g vs. the original @8.2g. I will try another one that is 40% lighter. This one is stiffer than the original. You see it lacks a lot of features the original one offers like housing, feet and a slot for the battery.

On the other Hand the loss weight makes it really quiet. Sometimes there that hissing sound once in a while but that only seems to appear when flying sideways…(?)

hubsan x4_5

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