Honey, i remeshed the cube-head!



I like to remesh things in Blender using ‘Blocks’.¬†You may recognize the original. The print above is ¬†printed @0.2mm Layers|14mm/s. Sliced with Kisslicer, Raft enabled. The Raft was actually very easy to remove even with SchorschXYs bowdened extruder.


Batterycase and mount printed for Sigmas Karma


Recently i cracked my original battery-case open to fix a broken cable. Unfortunatly Sigma glued it so it is broken now. I decided to print my own case that has not to be glued (f*** you, Sigma!) and is waterresistant. Having a case i needed to fix it to my bike so i rebuild the bayonett. It worked at first test. But now i think: ‘Damn, why did i rebuild a stupid proprietary connector….?’

crazy ringlight uses parts printed by SchorschXY

iri01 iri02 iri03 iri04

You are looking at a special ringlight Timm Burkhardt and me buildt for dasschmott. Actually i only made the black parts holding the nine CCFLs while MXAV concepted and assembled the hole light.

It uses nine CCFL from old EPSON-scanners. The lights are fixed on one end so you can move’em like you want.

I am very interested in seeing first portraits of faces with sunglasses….

Bloemenwerf by Henry van de Velde printable 1:4


Recently, the guys from markepunktsechs asked me to print their models of two chairs. One is that classic Bloemenwerf by Henry van de Velde shown above. 1:10 (red) and 1:4 (white). If you search for pictures you will find some differences to the printed version. There are several reasons for that, one is ‘printability’: to get smooth silky surfaces i had to reconstruct the hole chair after a mesh i got to print. Let’s just say if you want to print something that originaly is made of several pieces, just print these pieces. It took me a week to figure out how to print this thing. After trying to print one half chair and getting wobbly warpy crap i started to print smaller parts and finally single parts like the original.

the story of Gunnar, David and Schorsch…

Kubentypen03This isn’t Gunnar but made by Gunnar. Gunnar is a friend who makes actionfigures and just made that little guy. He is made of wood and around 50mm high.

Kubentypen02This isn’t David but it’s scanned using the David-Laserscannersoftware with an Optoma PK301 and a Microsoft Lifecam-Studio. It took about 1.5hrs to get the hole figure but i think you can make it in 30min. Here he sits in Blender, From 750k faces (50MB out of David) to 10% (75k faces).

Kubentypen04This isn’t Schorsch but SchorschXY printed it.





That little guy hasn’t got a name jet, i think. How about “Lampshade”:


the last picture shows the two Prints of Lampshade a little better than the earlier one:


The white spots are where the support stucked on the model, you can easy get rid of that using acetone and your finger… A few missing perimeters are caused by low-quality-ABS (waterbubbles) and single-walled-perimeter (left one) The right one is a reduced one with only ~7500 triangles.