Previev: B-line

2015_dec_b-line00It took me a while to put on Schorsch’s first new line. Both, X- and Y-axis are running so soft and light, it kept going away much too easy. I will make some claps for that (they will be lost the next time i need it).2015_dec_b-line01Here you can see that only the B-line is put on. And you can also see that the tiny grove where the line is guided from the right side is not cleaned up very well… sorry. I’ll fix that. The two ball-bearings facing to the camera are for the A-line that is not put on yet. I noticed that there still are some tubes to make to fix two more bearings and wasn’t in the mood for dirty work anymore… 2015_dec_b-line02The result with only one line is pretty amazing. Next steps include powering up the motors and see how fast it get’s.