His first steps


It’s done. New SchorschXY’s XY-Stage is assembled. When the upper picture was taken i didn’t realize that there are not only two srews missing at that A-Motor. One hole winding on the pulley was also missing making it impossible for the Head to move to X0 Y0… turns out it ‘jumped’ of during montage and the hole 40mm where rolled on the tensioner. Schorsch is a pretty complicate thing. I like that.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPutting on the line for the first time took me some time. I learned to love the ptfe-coating of the aramid-line – it helps a lot keeping the line in place even when not tensioned. AND i also learned that the A-line is much harder to install. I took tweezers a toothpick to fiddle it on the tiny 3mm wide BBs. But it seems quite robust when tensioned. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirst i put the ol’ Marlin Firmware on and started testing how it moves. There are no andstops yet. Schorsch runs save at 500mm/s @ 10000mm/s². I don’t think that’s realistic. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA