It’s done.


Dear world, i did it! I finally did it! I redesigned my printer. Today it printed it’s first things. Straight things, round things, 100% filled things. Now a case.

To be honest, i kept the old four-corners-four-motors-Z-axis… I just wanted to see new Schorsch printing! And how he does…


But of course i ran into some struggles: Broken wires stopped the heatbed, the temporary magnet for the X-endswitch damaged the switch causing Schorsch to grind madly in the corner and finally loosing the A-line. While dealing with that i figured out that it is a good idea to move the head free with my hands to feel if there is a problem with the lines. If it misses one bearing it is much harder to move – prints start normal but at some rapid move it will loose many steps – and makes you a nice piece of crab. When both lines are jumped off – well, i din’t know.

For today’s over-night-print i reduced Schorsch’s speed to 350mm/s @ 10000mm/s² printing @38mm/s. I noticed the motors lost steps when heated +50°C. Maybe i reduce the current a little. 500mm/s schouldn’t be a problem with only one Hotend.


Old Schorsch is now part of new Schorsch. New PSUs wait to replace the old chinese 1150W PSU on the right and the 15V for the heatbed. As you can see i am still stuck with 200x200mm²… enough to print its new Z.

btw. I removed the door of the nightstand because it was too loud.