Ok, Schorsch can print @ 220 mm/s and up. But since even PLA quits at these speeds the last layers of this gear are printed at 40mm/s… The first and  the middle part of that gear were printed with 100 – 220 mm/s (first layer ~20mm/s) to see how it works. You can’t really call it ‘printing’ since straight ‘printing’- moves look like normal rapid moves. The result is fightening ugly. I don’t think it is a good idea to print at those speeds. But it’s nice to know that Schorsch could.

It’s done.


Dear world, i did it! I finally did it! I redesigned my printer. Today it printed it’s first things. Straight things, round things, 100% filled things. Now a case.

To be honest, i kept the old four-corners-four-motors-Z-axis… I just wanted to see new Schorsch printing! And how he does…


But of course i ran into some struggles: Broken wires stopped the heatbed, the temporary magnet for the X-endswitch damaged the switch causing Schorsch to grind madly in the corner and finally loosing the A-line. While dealing with that i figured out that it is a good idea to move the head free with my hands to feel if there is a problem with the lines. If it misses one bearing it is much harder to move – prints start normal but at some rapid move it will loose many steps – and makes you a nice piece of crab. When both lines are jumped off – well, i din’t know.

For today’s over-night-print i reduced Schorsch’s speed to 350mm/s @ 10000mm/s² printing @38mm/s. I noticed the motors lost steps when heated +50°C. Maybe i reduce the current a little. 500mm/s schouldn’t be a problem with only one Hotend.


Old Schorsch is now part of new Schorsch. New PSUs wait to replace the old chinese 1150W PSU on the right and the 15V for the heatbed. As you can see i am still stuck with 200x200mm²… enough to print its new Z.

btw. I removed the door of the nightstand because it was too loud.

Here’s new XY


That’s right! New Schorsch is a 60’s nightstand that will leave future archaeologists clueless. The final dimensions are 345 x 205mm². An idea with consequences that kept me awake too long yesterday was to place the Y-endstop at Ymax – only the bugfixed RC of the actual (dec 2015) marlin firmware can handle that with coreXY enabled. The other branches kept Y useless after hitting Ymax…

While researching that problem i found a lot of people using or building coreXY-based printers – yeah! Some of them even use fishing-line! Strike! Now i’ll wait for more old-furniture-printers…


Details of a nice print


As previous shown, Gunnar Gerhardt has already made a lot of characters that slowly make it to the digital world. Here is a testprint of ‘Matchstickman’. I also printed it in white but as you may know: the natural white APS is almot photo-proof due to its translucency… so enjoy some more details in black:MSM_torso_detail01

By the way:

Layer: 0.15mm

Printing@ 10mm/s

Travel@ 200m/s

Acc@ 5000mm/s²

Temp@ 245°C

Matchstickman is around 110mm tall and comes from the 55mm original that got scanned with David-Laserscanner.


Heatwave? – here is what you do:


If the only thought you have is ‘so hot’ – What are you doing? Cool down?

I will and i also will make noise. So everyone knows that there is someone chillin’ the hard way!

The picture above shows my first model of a ducted fan, a propeller driven turbinelike thing. I have so many sparemotors for the hubsan x4… now what else can they do for me during these temperatures…

The shown propeller doesn’t have much power. I will have to try again tomorrow if there is time.

Honey, i remeshed the cube-head!



I like to remesh things in Blender using ‘Blocks’. You may recognize the original. The print above is  printed @0.2mm Layers|14mm/s. Sliced with Kisslicer, Raft enabled. The Raft was actually very easy to remove even with SchorschXYs bowdened extruder.


Batterycase and mount printed for Sigmas Karma


Recently i cracked my original battery-case open to fix a broken cable. Unfortunatly Sigma glued it so it is broken now. I decided to print my own case that has not to be glued (f*** you, Sigma!) and is waterresistant. Having a case i needed to fix it to my bike so i rebuild the bayonett. It worked at first test. But now i think: ‘Damn, why did i rebuild a stupid proprietary connector….?’

the story of Gunnar, David and Schorsch…

Kubentypen03This isn’t Gunnar but made by Gunnar. Gunnar is a friend who makes actionfigures and just made that little guy. He is made of wood and around 50mm high.

Kubentypen02This isn’t David but it’s scanned using the David-Laserscannersoftware with an Optoma PK301 and a Microsoft Lifecam-Studio. It took about 1.5hrs to get the hole figure but i think you can make it in 30min. Here he sits in Blender, From 750k faces (50MB out of David) to 10% (75k faces).

Kubentypen04This isn’t Schorsch but SchorschXY printed it.





That little guy hasn’t got a name jet, i think. How about “Lampshade”:


the last picture shows the two Prints of Lampshade a little better than the earlier one:


The white spots are where the support stucked on the model, you can easy get rid of that using acetone and your finger… A few missing perimeters are caused by low-quality-ABS (waterbubbles) and single-walled-perimeter (left one) The right one is a reduced one with only ~7500 triangles.