Heatwave? – here is what you do:


If the only thought you have is ‘so hot’ – What are you doing? Cool down?

I will and i also will make noise. So everyone knows that there is someone chillin’ the hard way!

The picture above shows my first model of a ducted fan, a propeller driven turbinelike thing. I have so many sparemotors for the hubsan x4… now what else can they do for me during these temperatures…

The shown propeller doesn’t have much power. I will have to try again tomorrow if there is time.

Too light to fly

hubsan x4_7

(pictures without 240mAh battery)

First impression flying this: ‘…silence…’

Second impression (immediatly): ‘Stop it! It’s going up!’

Third: ‘Motors off & catch it!’

Yeah. Seems like a kind of dissapointment that the Hubsan-controller can’t handle the motors at lower levels. Or the firmware quits. To loose hight you have to set the power to almost zero. If you got zero your copter will fall and only level if you turn the motors back on. But then it gains hight again and it repeats. This thing is almost uncontrollable. Haven’t changed motors (around 90min old, one new) or propellers jet.

hubsan x4_6

The frame was made with SchorschXY, scliced by Cura and meshed/modeled in Rhino4. Cura says 2.93 gram (incl. 1 skirt or ~0.03g)

now for some humming

hubsan x4_3

hubsan x4_2

hubsan x4_4

If you haven’t seen a quadrocopter like the Hubsan-X4 (or whatever name it got from a reseller) you might not know that the sound they make during flying is like a swarm of hornets. It makes it awkward to fly near people who just want to relax…

I fixed that a little by building a frame that’s significantly lighter weighting only 3.8g vs. the original @8.2g. I will try another one that is 40% lighter. This one is stiffer than the original. You see it lacks a lot of features the original one offers like housing, feet and a slot for the battery.

On the other Hand the loss weight makes it really quiet. Sometimes there that hissing sound once in a while but that only seems to appear when flying sideways…(?)

hubsan x4_5