circumventing playbooks build-in charging circuit


another useful thing about 3D-Printing is the fact that you can make own parts to add total new features to existing products. Or just keeping them alive. The shown red part was constructed in Rhino using a photo of the Batterie-connector. It took about 40min to do everything.

In this case my playbook had not seen its original charger for one single week. Since i did not know it won’t charge on any of my others i kept it in use. Sadly it went down to 0% after hanging it onto a charger for a few hours. Now even the original charger charges the battery only up to 1V (yes, 1, one, uno). As it turns out the playbook then boots up but stops┬ácharging. I can only think of this as beeing f***ed by the developers. F*** you, Blackberry! Your phones work well so why this peace of crap???

Nevertheless, now the tiny charger of the hubsan x4 does the job quite well. 500mA coming out of the USB should charge one of the two batteries in about 6 hrs. I will let you know if it works.