Ok, Schorsch can print @ 220 mm/s and up. But since even PLA quits at these speeds the last layers of this gear are printed at 40mm/s… The first and  the middle part of that gear were printed with 100 – 220 mm/s (first layer ~20mm/s) to see how it works. You can’t really call it ‘printing’ since straight ‘printing’- moves look like normal rapid moves. The result is fightening ugly. I don’t think it is a good idea to print at those speeds. But it’s nice to know that Schorsch could.

Update: Science!


This is a cluster of eight dipoles. I did not thought about this until a few months ago when a friend came up with this at christmas. He told me that it would help him at work. So here it is! In this case the dipoles are represented by Toy-Magnets i had laying around. Each magnet sits in its own gimbal allowing free rotation around its centerpoint which is one corner of a 40mm X 40mm X 40mm cube. Manipulating one magnet forces the other ones to align. This is as fascinating as it is hard for me to explain. But don’t worry, Dr. Johannes Schönke will have a look at it.

(The screws in the picture might trigger some trolls. They are made of the least ferromagnetic stainless steel I found. But of course, there shouldn’t be any ferromagnetic part.)

Heatwave? – here is what you do:


If the only thought you have is ‘so hot’ – What are you doing? Cool down?

I will and i also will make noise. So everyone knows that there is someone chillin’ the hard way!

The picture above shows my first model of a ducted fan, a propeller driven turbinelike thing. I have so many sparemotors for the hubsan x4… now what else can they do for me during these temperatures…

The shown propeller doesn’t have much power. I will have to try again tomorrow if there is time.

Batterycase and mount printed for Sigmas Karma


Recently i cracked my original battery-case open to fix a broken cable. Unfortunatly Sigma glued it so it is broken now. I decided to print my own case that has not to be glued (f*** you, Sigma!) and is waterresistant. Having a case i needed to fix it to my bike so i rebuild the bayonett. It worked at first test. But now i think: ‘Damn, why did i rebuild a stupid proprietary connector….?’

crazy ringlight uses parts printed by SchorschXY

iri01 iri02 iri03 iri04

You are looking at a special ringlight Timm Burkhardt and me buildt for dasschmott. Actually i only made the black parts holding the nine CCFLs while MXAV concepted and assembled the hole light.

It uses nine CCFL from old EPSON-scanners. The lights are fixed on one end so you can move’em like you want.

I am very interested in seeing first portraits of faces with sunglasses….

Too light to fly

hubsan x4_7

(pictures without 240mAh battery)

First impression flying this: ‘…silence…’

Second impression (immediatly): ‘Stop it! It’s going up!’

Third: ‘Motors off & catch it!’

Yeah. Seems like a kind of dissapointment that the Hubsan-controller can’t handle the motors at lower levels. Or the firmware quits. To loose hight you have to set the power to almost zero. If you got zero your copter will fall and only level if you turn the motors back on. But then it gains hight again and it repeats. This thing is almost uncontrollable. Haven’t changed motors (around 90min old, one new) or propellers jet.

hubsan x4_6

The frame was made with SchorschXY, scliced by Cura and meshed/modeled in Rhino4. Cura says 2.93 gram (incl. 1 skirt or ~0.03g)

actually recycled Filament from the perpetual plastic project


this is what they got out of junk. The perpetual plastic project build an extruder to melt it into filament after washing and shredding.

Normaly you can find that guys on festivals but they belong to a fair for 3D-Printing like the garbagemen to a City.

Unfortunatly my cam autofocused their metalframe so that there is only this blurry picture of, what they called the 3rd incarnation of their handcranked junk-extruder:


[First post – never published] I want a RepRap! …or @ least an extruder…

This is my first post i just found in the drafts:

weired construction

Since there is no lathe for me i drilled a hole into the head of  the 8mm-screw so i can fix it to my spindle.

Lower there are two ballbearings fixed to the bench. It took about one hour to make 5 mm out of 8 and it is not that exact… but i want it!


The first screw got lost just a few houres after taking that picture. Thank goes out to cameraphones!


Unfortunately I almost lost anything of my tools and even material over the last few years so that you can see the foot of an old GDR-closed I just found. Just drilled a hole for the bearing and made it fit with the flange.

It took about 5 minutes to make the teeth.

3DPrinting is easier with Print3D in Blender

This is a good day in the history of Blender AND 3DPrinting.

If you were envious of the guys that use special software to check models before printing you can relax. There is something on the way.


Blender is now able to check your file and solve a few problems or at least shows you where problems may occur.

I think this feature should be extended to generate code too. Using Cura or skeinforge or Slic3r or even yomama. Furthermore i want it to get a tab right beside the rendertab! Yes, ’cause there are people who do not want to rener an object but print it. Make an object, print an object. Shure, it is fun to look at pictures of what it ‘could’ look like. But as like rendering a decade ago was a pain in the ass for most people. It has now become indispensable and so will 3D-Printing.

For now you can export the final mesh to the folder of your choice. So it is ok as long as you do not own a printer. If so you would like to open it in the gcode-generator of your choice with just one click.