His first steps


It’s done. New SchorschXY’s XY-Stage is assembled. When the upper picture was taken i didn’t realize that there are not only two srews missing at that A-Motor. One hole winding on the pulley was also missing making it impossible for the Head to move to X0 Y0… turns out it ‘jumped’ of during montage and the hole 40mm where rolled on the tensioner. Schorsch is a pretty complicate thing. I like that.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPutting on the line for the first time took me some time. I learned to love the ptfe-coating of the aramid-line – it helps a lot keeping the line in place even when not tensioned. AND i also learned that the A-line is much harder to install. I took tweezers a toothpick to fiddle it on the tiny 3mm wide BBs. But it seems quite robust when tensioned. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirst i put the ol’ Marlin Firmware on and started testing how it moves. There are no andstops yet. Schorsch runs save at 500mm/s @ 10000mm/s². I don’t think that’s realistic. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Previev: B-line

2015_dec_b-line00It took me a while to put on Schorsch’s first new line. Both, X- and Y-axis are running so soft and light, it kept going away much too easy. I will make some claps for that (they will be lost the next time i need it).2015_dec_b-line01Here you can see that only the B-line is put on. And you can also see that the tiny grove where the line is guided from the right side is not cleaned up very well… sorry. I’ll fix that. The two ball-bearings facing to the camera are for the A-line that is not put on yet. I noticed that there still are some tubes to make to fix two more bearings and wasn’t in the mood for dirty work anymore… 2015_dec_b-line02The result with only one line is pretty amazing. Next steps include powering up the motors and see how fast it get’s.

Update: Science!


This is a cluster of eight dipoles. I did not thought about this until a few months ago when a friend came up with this at christmas. He told me that it would help him at work. So here it is! In this case the dipoles are represented by Toy-Magnets i had laying around. Each magnet sits in its own gimbal allowing free rotation around its centerpoint which is one corner of a 40mm X 40mm X 40mm cube. Manipulating one magnet forces the other ones to align. This is as fascinating as it is hard for me to explain. But don’t worry, Dr. Johannes Schönke will have a look at it.

(The screws in the picture might trigger some trolls. They are made of the least ferromagnetic stainless steel I found. But of course, there shouldn’t be any ferromagnetic part.)

Details of a nice print


As previous shown, Gunnar Gerhardt has already made a lot of characters that slowly make it to the digital world. Here is a testprint of ‘Matchstickman’. I also printed it in white but as you may know: the natural white APS is almot photo-proof due to its translucency… so enjoy some more details in black:MSM_torso_detail01

By the way:

Layer: 0.15mm

Printing@ 10mm/s

Travel@ 200m/s

Acc@ 5000mm/s²

Temp@ 245°C

Matchstickman is around 110mm tall and comes from the 55mm original that got scanned with David-Laserscanner.


Schorsch is [printing sth. that is] going near space!

ROCKET_Tip01Recently, a guy named Karl called me with his idea of building a Model-Rocket in order to start his new life in Rocketscience.

He already had everything but the cap so he sent me a Rhino-file with his calculated shape and now we have a few Caps that should make the Rocket go about 500m high. Above you can see the tip right out of the printer (left) and after sanding/acetoning (center, right). It is about 2.4g for the cone and another 1.2 for the bottom. After sanding and acetoning the should be 3.4g in total for the tip. Not that bad – with a .3mm nozzle they could weight around 2g at all!

Maybe the future will bring us some lower restrictions here in Germany so that we can use stronger Motors to lift something more than a few hundred meters…

Heatwave? – here is what you do:


If the only thought you have is ‘so hot’ – What are you doing? Cool down?

I will and i also will make noise. So everyone knows that there is someone chillin’ the hard way!

The picture above shows my first model of a ducted fan, a propeller driven turbinelike thing. I have so many sparemotors for the hubsan x4… now what else can they do for me during these temperatures…

The shown propeller doesn’t have much power. I will have to try again tomorrow if there is time.

Honey, i remeshed the cube-head!



I like to remesh things in Blender using ‘Blocks’. You may recognize the original. The print above is  printed @0.2mm Layers|14mm/s. Sliced with Kisslicer, Raft enabled. The Raft was actually very easy to remove even with SchorschXYs bowdened extruder.


Batterycase and mount printed for Sigmas Karma


Recently i cracked my original battery-case open to fix a broken cable. Unfortunatly Sigma glued it so it is broken now. I decided to print my own case that has not to be glued (f*** you, Sigma!) and is waterresistant. Having a case i needed to fix it to my bike so i rebuild the bayonett. It worked at first test. But now i think: ‘Damn, why did i rebuild a stupid proprietary connector….?’