SchorschXY2 (beta)

Disclaimer: The SchorschXY-files are not to be found here. Until i find a good hoster you have contact me to get the files. I use Rhinoceros 5 for construction and export stls when i need them. At this time i can give you the Rino-files (~36MB) or stl (11.5MB 7zipped). 

If you haven’t build a printer yet i don’t recommend SchorschXY since there won’t be any kind of good support regarding electronis or software! SchorschXY uses OpenSource hard- and software!


To finally fulfill my words from the past here’s SchorschXY for you to print your own. To be honest, it is just the XY-stage so you have to add any Z-axis you can fit. You can also use only X and Y to make your own plotter or lasercutter or any 2D device you want.

Do it on your own risk!!!

If you want to build your own SchorschXY with other dimensions than in my file you may have to modify the pulleys for longer lines!2015_dec_prts1Depending on the speed of your printer it will take you at least 24hrs to print the parts (Kisslicer tells me something about 23:xx). So take that time to get the fullowing:

  • electronis & soft-/firmware (i use ramps + marlin)
  • Fishingline, <5m, <30kg, ~0.3mm – 0.4mm
  • Ball bearings, 8pcs 5x13x4 (wxDxd) + EITHER (like me) 24pcs 4x8x3 (wxDxd) + 8pcs 3x8x4 (wxDxd) OR 32pcs 4x8x3 (wxDxd)
  • rods (Y), 2pcs silver steel, 8mm x 324mm
  • pipes (X), 2pcs steel, 8mm
  • pipes (Y-idler), 4pcs 4mm x 3mm x 10mm (Dxdxl)
  • rods(bearings) 24pcs 3mm x 8mm (Dxl)
  • Screws, M3, 24pcs 20mm, 4pcs 12mm
  • rod or pipe, 6mm x < 480mm (Dxl)
  • 2 Nema 17 steppers,
  • 60’s Nightstand, X = 504 mm / Y = 382 mm
  • A drillpress
  • sandpaper
  • something i forgot


Work as precisly as possible! Otherwise your SchorschXY may constantly loose it’s line or skews prints.

I started measuring the exact size of the nightstand and built SXY to fit exactly. 2015_dec_SXY_asmbl01Than i fitted the motorplate and measured again to see if it is on the right position.

X-axis:2015_dec_SXY_asmbl02Y-axis:2015_dec_SXY_asmbl032015_dec_SXY_asmbl06At this point i realized there was a part missing on the upper left and printed both new to get a matching pair.

At this time, April 2017, schorsch is printing fine. It is a little complicate to set up for the first time but once configured correctly, it works permanently. I had to fix the lines two times so far. It is a job of 30 min if you know what to do. Sounds a lot of work, is a lot of work. 🙂

Once i have fixed the lines and started to use the tensioners it often happens that (at least) one line misses a bearing when tensioned. With only one faulty line i can feel the difference in resistance when moving the tray by hand. If it is smooth in both diagonals, nevertheless,  i’ll check the lines.

—to be continued—