Update: Science!


This is a cluster of eight dipoles. I did not thought about this until a few months ago when a friend came up with this at christmas. He told me that it would help him at work. So here it is! In this case the dipoles are represented by Toy-Magnets i had laying around. Each magnet sits in its own gimbal allowing free rotation around its centerpoint which is one corner of a 40mm X 40mm X 40mm cube. Manipulating one magnet forces the other ones to align. This is as fascinating as it is hard for me to explain. But don’t worry, Dr. Johannes Schönke will have a look at it.

(The screws in the picture might trigger some trolls. They are made of the least ferromagnetic stainless steel I found. But of course, there shouldn’t be any ferromagnetic part.)

2 thoughts on “Update: Science!

  1. I don’t know the forces and loads on this device, but maybe you can check your favourite RC-equipment store for Nylon screws.

    • hey Ca Mü,
      thx, i have a few nylonscrews and thought about that. But actually the forces are a bit of a problem here. The cluster is a model to demonstrate how dipoles interact in a fixed position – MANY hands will touch it and not every hand is as smooth as maybe yours or mine and nylon isn’t very strong. so i thought about ceramic skrews but their are way out of the pricerange.
      Maybe i will try it with Nylon and post it here.

      have a good time!
      btw: sorry for not answering for so long.

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