Schorsch (obsolete)


Welcome to the pages where i put pictures and texts about the progress on developing a 3D-printer using FDM.

With Schorsch i want to achieve several goals:

  1. I want my own printer!
  2. It should be my own developement.
  3. It should be faster than actual direct-extruding (non-bowdened) printers
  4. It should be (at least) as accurate as actual direct-extruding (non-bowdened) printers
  5. It should be capable of printing with 2 or 3 extruders
  6. And finally it should print DIN-A4 size @ z<=200mm (smaller can be usefull, too)

So you see there is quite a lot to think about, try and check and even watch out for new ideas by other developers (as almost all of that points are requested by the community).

The ‘brain’ will be based on Ramps. At the moment i got this one. But i’m not shure about the source because the last one i got had a ‘Taurino’ in stead of a real ‘Arduino’ on it. Yeah, i know, Arduino is OpenSource so anyone can use the architecture to make own Products. But i can’t see any difference except the price: 140 against 150…. (complete package). I have to rethink the hole electronics thing.

I’m shure that only an Open-Source printer can deliver the full package of 3D-FDM-Printing for several years. Closed source printers on the other hand will be abandoned after service expired.

Ok. So it’s time to look at the mechanics.

I don’t think one should combine the axis other than x+y and leave z alone. Or: ultimaker, shapercube, repman etc.: Yay! – prusamendel,orca, felix etc.: Nay!

Why? – you wouldnt move a house when you grind the floor, so why moving the printed part in unnaccecary ways?

Thereare other solutions than cartesian machines. One is the rostock and the other scissor-like system did not apear on my sreen yet. Due to (technical) problems with the resolution that is not constant within the printingvolume of any non-cartesian machine i chose the cartesian system with combined x-y stage and single z-axis.

When i first saw the ultimaker i did not get all of its brilliant design-ideas that were quite ahead of its time on the open source market.

BUT i got that they did not move any motor to reduce the moving weight. By the way, there is a youtube video of the mechanincs uploaded by a guy who hasnothing to do with the ultimakercrew and that dates more than a year beforeultimakerlaunches.

A friend bought the ultimaker so i can tell that it is fast and quiet accurate. But because of its bowdened extruder it is not able to print with easy removable support.

Direct extruders can somehow be mounted but i dont think it is promising.

For the records:



Xy + Z

Fixed motors.

What ways are there to usefixed motors other than ultimakers?

I found H-belt and CoreXY.

I tried H-Belt, it failed.

Now i use CoreXY. (And i think it is weird to make a website for a 2D-Stage…)

Next decision: Fishingline! (f*** timing-belts!)

Yes, fishingline. It is cheap and a lot of stores sell it. I don’t mean the transparent ones, i mean the ones made from aramid-fibers.


Now, after almost 4 months of printing with SchorschXY i see almost no problems with it. But i will still change a few things:

1. getting rid of all the LM8UU and replace them with normal (radial) bearings. 

2. switching to E3D-Full-Metal hotend. The GRRF-modular is fine but not that good at high temperatures. (mine has problems > 237°C)

But first there will be a second Schorsch with these nice white Parts:

Development has left these parts behind, go to SchorschXY2 (beta) instead.


All Parts printed @ 20mm/s | 0.15mm | Kisslicer

4 thoughts on “Schorsch (obsolete)

  1. i was kind of in the same boat, i bought a cheap prusa i3 acrylic kit and put it together and started having problems from the beginning so i started making my own parts and doing some reading and i like the ultimaker design… then i found the coreyxy and liked the single belt design and the simplicity of the movement structure witch in turn will promote faster printing ability… but like you i had problems finding good files and adequate parts, and i hate gt2 belts if (or when…it will…) that’s a 2 mm slip and a automatic failed print where if “by chance” the fishing line slips it will be next to nothing…. and i have also thought about using a guitar tensioner as the tensioner for the line on carriage are you on thingiverse????

    • Hey Jason, sorry for my absence.
      I am not on Thingyverse and i don’t think i will be. Grabcad maybe. recently i reworked the whole SchorschXY and will put it together during the next days/weeks and will start posting again. One big problem with old Schorsch was the point where the two lines crossed between the pulleys. I fixed that. When it is assembled and working i will put the files online. finally… 😉
      Have fun!

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